Translation Company: Corporate Solutions

Translation Company: Corporate Solutions

AMK is a translation company that has solutions to the main needs of our corporate customers. This includes comprehensive translations, content adaptation, and multicultural research.

Corporate Solutions for Comprehensive Translations

With the rapid expansion of the market, multinational companies have to adapt communication tools to maintain their market positioning. This includes everything from product packaging to your manuals, marketing materials, and advertising. To communicate effectively, the company needs to maintain consistency across cultures and various file formats.

In cases of companies with comprehensive translations, AMK has its own area with unique conditions, appointing project managers which can help to define the real customer needs. This modality also includes the creation of translation memories, where all translated material is stored and can be used in future translations, which results in the standardization of data, consistency and mainly cost savings.

In this modality we also define the values previously, where orders can be preapproved, thus optimizing the quotation process.

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