Distinctive Characteristics

AMK principles guide all relations with customers, partners, and employees:

  • Deeply understanding the market segment of our customers, in addition to their specific needs.
  • Having competitive pricing and deadlines.
  • Having human resources as a foundation.
  • Considering ethics and transparency as a non-negotiable asset.
  • Being a company that contributes to social sustainability.

AMK Translation Services is a translation company that seeks excellence in its services with a unique positioning in the market.

We understand the market where companies act as intermediaries for freelance translators. These translators have hardly any responsibility as to quality and commitment.

At AMK we do more than just translating.

The company was founded by partners with years of experience in the largest law firms in the country, international banks, and multinational companies.

At AMK, your translation is made by professionals who have experience with merger and acquisition transactions, important contractual negotiations, and presentations for foreign investors.

We have an exceptional translation team, as well as certified strategic partnerships. This business model enables us to develop complete and fast translation solutions for our customers.

Our business model, certifications, and professional experience result in execution, accuracy and suitable speed, meeting the needs of your business. In addition, we have noticed that AMK’s professional experience has significantly reduced our customers’ intangible costs. These costs may be associated with the time of execution of jobs or proofreading.

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