Certified Translation

Why have a Certified Translation

A certified translation (also known as a sworn translation) is the one produced by a translator duly appointed and authorized by the Registry of Commerce of the state where the translator has an office.

Every certified translation has public faith throughout the national territory and is recognized in several countries and is filed in a public record.

The law requires the certified translation for any document in a foreign language that needs to be filed in court or with the federal, state or municipal public offices, as well as entities maintained, directed or supervised by the government.

Procedure for Certified Translation


The original document must be sent to AMK Translation Services; which will be returned together with the certified translation.

Documents that are normally translated as certified translation:

  • Driver’s License
  • Identity Card
  •  Social-security Card
  • Certificates (Birth Certificates and Others)
  • Academic Transcript
  • Diploma
  • Contract
  • Legal Document

Foreign companies in trade negotiations in the country, investors, risk rating agencies, multinationals, universities, among others, may also request the certified translation.

Validity in Brazil

To be valid in Brazil, the foreign documents must be authenticated by the Brazilian consulate or embassy in the country of origin before being translated.

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Main Elements


The certified translation has some main mandatory elements:

  • Opening text identifying the certified translator
  • Translation number (for book identification and filing pages)
  • Text containing the translation effectively
  • Ending text highlighting that it is true to the original document
  • Translator’s signature
  • Value paid by the translation

Copies of the original documents may also be attached.

 Document Size and Deadline

The document size and the deadline required for delivery are used to determine the price of the translation; nevertheless, it is mandatory to follow the prices determined by the Registry of Commerce. An urgency fee may be charged for works with a very tight deadline, which is also determined by the Registry of Commerce.

The certified translation uses a unit called “standard page”, defined as 1000 characters without space.

This means that a page in the original document may represent multiple standard pages depending on the amount of text on this page.

AMK Translations Services makes a previous budget, with an estimated number of standard pages. This way, the customer will have a good estimate of the value to be spent with the translation.

How much does it cost?

The value of the certified translation is determined by a list issued and updated by the Registry of Commerce of the state; AMK Translation Services uses the JUCESP list.

Distinctive Characteristic

AMK Translation Services has more than 10 years of experience in this kind of translation, relying on specialized certified translators meeting very tight deadlines.

Payment Method

Bank-issued invoice, bank deposit, cash receipt, PayPal and also receipt with cards:

Credit Card:

Debit Card:

Additional Services

  • Apostille (in accordance with the Brazilian agreement with the Hague Convention)
  • Notarized signature
  • Express Delivery
  • Withdrawal of Documents

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